Take your first step
into Japanese market.
Now is a good time to expand
your business in Japan. We can help.

Expand your business with us in Japan.

It's worth persevering. Japan is the world’s third largest economic power, and there are many opportunities that you cannot ignore. In the past, old companies dominated the market, but recently, things have started to change. 

Start-up companies and venture businesses are getting more business opportunities with Japanese Government support and due to the diversification of the customer base.

It's time to grab the chance to expand your business in Japan.

Eyecatch services localization


Our professional translators are familiar with both your language and Japanese. We can provide the highest quality translations of your desires, products, and features. With our web design and development partners, we can target your message for the Japanese market.

Eyecatch services sales


Our team understands your products and realizes the importance of great delivery. We can boost all aspects of your sales activity, including the management of re-sellers.

Eyecatch services hiring


Hiring local staff takes time, especially if you have no network here. With our specialized headhunter partners, we can help you find the best candidates to work with your business.

Eyecatch services community management

Community Management

With our expertise in communications and the provision of user meet-ups, we can attract users. Great platforms enable us to help you communicate your business and products by promoting stories, referrals, and reviews.

Eyecatch services marketing


We will offer you advertising and marketing techniques that will effectively reach the target users and segments. We can offer a diverse type of paid advertisements that include listing, DSP, Social Media, and Pure advertising. By utilizing the corporation list that has 500-600K companies, we can approach to many companies by direct mail.

Eyecatch services company setup

Company Setup

We can help you incorporate a local branch (K.K.) in Japan. Our team will handle all the documentation, plus we can administer any VISA applications and registration issues.

Reason to work with us

1Tech & Entrepreneur Friendly

We understand technical language and the needs of your products and services because many of our clients are already software companies. We like to work with entrepreneurial ventures.

Our range of local expertise covers not only language and translation but also web design, development, and marketing.

2Start up Flexibility

Startups need flexibility. We know that and can help provide and promote this flexibility in your business.

As your business develops in Japan, we can redefine our role and responsibility to suit your needs.

3Professional Partners

Local issues like law, tax and licensing are often barriers to businesses inexperienced in operating in Japan. With our local professional partners, you can stay informed and ahead of your competition.

We cover the development needs of tech startup companies with our own highly skilled tech and design teams.

Why we do Ctrl+F Japan

When I worked in the financial industry, I looked forward to receiving an annual report from headquarters. I could find how the company considers the global market as well as the Japan market. When I searched for "Japan" using Ctrl+F, I found "Japan" would occur less and less each year.

Japan is the worlds third largest economic power, and there are many opportunities that you cannot ignore. But Japan can be a difficult market to break into because of its unique culture and regulations. Businesses may face issues that never happen in their own countries. But Japan still has a lot of room for startups to be competitive locally.

Japan is the best place for overseas companies to consider because there is plenty of “Blue Ocean” uncontested market space and robust market size. We can help you discover Japan's interesting market and opportunities. Also, we would like to introduce the Japanese people to your products and services so we can all enjoy a better life.


Takayuki Doi

Retador Inc. CEO

After graduation from Waseda University, Takayuki joined HSBC. He experienced various positions such as FX, Payments and Cash Management, Retail banking and Corporate banking at his early years at the bank. After few years, Takayuki has shifted his career as M&A advisory specialized tech startups and established relationship 200+ clients. After working as an advisory, Takayuki began his own entrepreneurship to support companies overseas to enter market in Japan. He believe that integration between local and global has full of potential and has a huge impact.

Yoshito Takayanagi

Will-Grow Inc. HR Specialist

Yoshito's career began in the biggest telecommunication company in Japan, NTT East. He started by spending several years as a system engineer and project manager. After he joined HR he was in charge of hiring and training more than 300 new employees annually. In 2012, Yoshito began his entrepreneurship in the HR sector, working with large corporations in the fields of consulting and headhunting. Yoshito's expertise is in recruiting talented executives, software engineers, project managers and country managers.

Takuya Kuruma

Sikumi Inc. Software Development

Takuya is an engineer and entrepreneur. After he took his Ph.D. at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he founded Galileo Scope and began his career as CTO. He managed all system development as a lead engineer as well as all the other tasks associated with a startup such as corporate planning, hiring, training, account management and project management. In 2014, Takuya took his entrepreneurship path and remotely managed more than 30 members as CEO of Sikumi Inc. His vision is to "make something people want." He has worked with large corporate operations like Recruit Holdings and NHK in Japan. He is a trustworthy system development partner. .p-partner

Satoko Kamakura

SK VISA. Visa and Incorporation

Satoko is a certified visa specialist and provides services covering visas, immigration, incorporation, and business licenses in Japan Her primary mission is to assist you in meeting your personal and business goals by providing visa, immigration and incorporation services.With nearly ten years experience in international law firms and immigration lawyer’s offices, Satoko can provide the best immigration and business solutions.

Takayuki Mizui

RETROMEME Ltd. Design and business development

Takayuki is a professional business development and design entrepreneur. His career started when he founded his first software company while at university. After he graduated, he began his professional career at JAFCO, the largest venture capital firm in Japan and worked with 300+ companies including growing startups. He then started his own company, Retromeme. Takayuki works with clients and supports them with design to business development. For his clients, he makes himself impossible to replace. He works with the biggest newspaper in the fashion industry and is regarded as one of the most flexible and experienced partners.


No Articles.


Name / Revolut

Taka Doi was an integral part of Revolut’s successful expansion into Japan. He was involved from the beginning, delivering high quality market research and leading several meetings with a number of key government bodies and local partners.

As we started to build a local team he was also able to support our recruitment efforts by drawing on his deep network of bilingual tech talent in Japan. Assistance like this was invaluable in a market which is extremely challenging when it comes to hiring. In the build-up to launch I was impressed by his ability to contribute to the testing of the Revolut app and identifying bugs that needed to be fixed.

Take your first step into Japanese market.

Now is a good time to expand your business in Japan. We can help.